We organize collective driven hunts for large game, i.e. wild boars, deer, fallow deer, roe deer as well as birds and small game – ducks, geese, pheasant and hare. We need at least 8 people in order to organize a hunt. Hunts are led by excellent professionals with years of experience, who boast excellent knowledge of their hunting grounds as well as of the spots where game may be found. Naturally, appropriately trained dogs and a battue are involved in a hunt. Needless to say that cultivating hunting traditions such as breaking a small twig off a tree from the place where game was shot, display or playing hunting signals are of utmost importance to us.

We also organise individual hunts for roe bucks in May as well as in the rut, for deer stags during the rutting season and for fallow deer during the rut. Each hunter is accompanied by an experienced guide, who knows the hunting area thoroughly.

Our guests are put up in hunting lodges or in high standard hotels with nice service and delicious cuisine.

Successful bird hunts are our speciality. You are welcome to admire the hunting results in our gallery.