Namibia is a south African country, continually famous for its hunting tourism. In the area of our ranches you can hunt for majority of the wild animal species such as kudu, oryx, heartbeest, zebra, wildebeest, steenbok, springbok, the common eland, Salt’s dik-dik, impala, cheetah, waterbuck, blesbok, warthog, giraffe as well as predators including baboon, jackal and hyena. All hunts are led by experienced professional hunters, so called PH (professional hunter).

In Africa, we usually hunt still, following the animal tracks or waiting at a bait station, which is a typical hunt for big cats. Each hunter is accompanied by a guide who thoroughly knows the hunting areas and the spots where game can be found. Although the hunting ground in Africa is called a ranch, hunts are quite difficult due to the enormous animal vigilance and timidity.

All your trophies are initially prepared on-site so as to allow their safe journey. Then, after a preparation carried out by a professional, they will please your eye for years.